Privacy Policy

The purpose of is to describe Lynxcare’s activities and services. It is primarily meant for prospective clients, and their providers and caregivers.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Unless personal information is explicitly provided by those who contract our services, we do not collect any data that could be used to identify individuals visiting our site. Any personal information provided by the Participants, Providers, any Consultants who work with us is used exclusively for serving their needs. Access to such information is limited to those who work directly on the relevant case.

Retention of Personal Information

We retain information as long as it is relevant to serving our clients. In some cases this can extend beyond the duration of a specific contract, but personal information can be obliterated at any time in accordance with the wishes of the individual.

Use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect general data about traffic on our website. This information is used in the interests of helping current and potential Participants find us and improving our usefulness for them. In accordance with our privacy policy and Google’s terms of service, no personal information is collected, tracked, or monitored.

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  • I hope this catches on like wildfire!

    • Ted Stathos, MD, pediatric gastroenterology
  • Your services augment and support physicians. On a day to day basis they simply do not have the time to devote to research.

    • Martha Aparicio, MHA, Managing Editor, Surgical Neurology
  • Lynxcare is an invaluable service for the patient that presents with a complex medical history; providing the patient access to the most talented minds in the field of conventional and complementary medicine.

    • Connie Sanchez, ND
  • This tool saves time, saves money and saves lives.

    • John Campana, MD, ENT
  • You have no idea how incredible it is for me to have Lynx to refer this type of request to.

    • Ron Rosen, LAc
  • Your organization is clearly at the cutting edge of the Health Record arena. This is genuinely next-generation technology. Lynx Health Record Summaries will increase patient safety, reduce provider costs and save lives.

    • Judy Ham, President and CEO, Cerebral Palsy of Colorado
  • We can’t speak highly enough about the help you have provided our family.  I will speak with anyone at any time about Lynx and the incredible value the organization has offered.

    • Toni, mother of adult Lynx Participant
  • Thanks for being so encouraging and supportive… The Comprehensive Health Portfolio you put together of M’s medical records still overwhelms me…

    • Shelli, mother of child with infantile scoliosis and other problems
  • Sharon, and her team of professionals worked diligently to help provide the answers I needed, to make the decision to proceed with lifesaving surgery, taking into account my daughter’s very complex health condition.

    • Heather, mother of child with severe infantile scoliosis
  • Our thanks again to the Lynxcare group for not putting our son through the morbidity of the surgery as suggested by our first opinion surgeon.

    • Ann & Jeff, parents of son with fibrous dysplasia (bone cyst)
  • The information you gave us did make us push the doctors here to do whatever it took to make Terry better.

    • Bridget, Life Partner of Lynx Participant in New Zealand
  • I believe that if a company like Lynx is willing to offer that avenue to greater understanding that we need to embrace what they are offering.

    • Ali, mother of child with complex medical issues
  • Thank you for your very important and to-the-point advice. You have been the best most helpful source of direction I have found in days of searching.

    • Steve, parent of adult son with complex medical condition
  • We have looked at the services offered by Lynxcare and believe that many of our target population can benefit from the product offered by them.

    • Mark Simon, President of the Board of Directors for the Colorado Alliance for Health and Independence
  • I think it is a service everyone either needs personally, or knows someone who would benefit from it greatly.

    • Greg Summers, health insurance broker, Insurance Providers
  • The future potential of Lynxcare’s technology, based on current experience, as a truly cost effective tool that provides human expert summarization to create a health record summary for people with extensive medical histories is both cutting edge and greatly needed for the 21st Century health care system.

    • Pamela P. Hanes, PhD, President and CEO, Colorado Health Institute
  • Lynxcare is a valuable resource for Open Arms and all of our clients. We will be offering all of our clients this information regarding Lynxcare.

    • Rick Lundy, Patient Advocates, Canada
  • Lynx made sure I got the necessary care, that was specific for my personalized needs and eliminated all of those dangerous medications and mounting medical bills.

    • Matt, Lynx Participant with chronic cardiac issues
  • It’s the best news I have heard in a long time. You don’t know how much hope you have given me.

    • Mike, Lynx Participant with suspected anaerobic infection
  • Many physicians praised the easy-to-read medical health summary that Lynx was able to make for me from my massive medical records. They thought it was a great service, and helped them immensely to be quickly updated on my case.

    • Janice, Lynx Participant with neurological damage from work-related injury
  • If I could kiss you via email, I would! Thanks so much – I feel very prepared for this appointment and the future. I am feeling great today… you are such an answer to prayer… lots of prayer.

    • Kati, Lynx Participant with syringomyelia
  • Lynx has provided me with alternatives that traditional doctors never even suggested. They have done all the research and investigations I did not feel I had time for.  I am most grateful!

    • Barb, Lynx Participant with hepatitis C
  • Your fabulous staff was able to reconstruct my rather complex medical history – eight brain surgeries obviously creates a wide paper trail…

    • Christy, Lynx Participant recovering from brain hemorrhage
  • In my many years of seeking help in the medical world, I have never encountered such expertise combined with genuine care for the individual.

    • Zoe, Lynx Participant with Chiari I malformation and syringomyelia
  • I am really impressed and amazed by what an interesting and effective organization you have put together. It takes so much drive to accomplish something of that magnitude and I am so thankful to you all.

    • Kevin, Lynx Participant with malignant melanoma
  • Lynx advocate nurses know what questions to ask for any particular medical problem, and they know how to interpret the answers.

    • Walter Dean, PhD, Lynx Participant