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Michael Victoroff
Denver, CO

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Account set-up and registration (one time)
Assembling initial source list, creating release forms, verifying providers









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Thank you; we really appreciate your business.

Lynx services are often reimbursable under Health Savings Accounts(HSAs) and Flex Plans, and may be deductible under IRS rules. Please consult your tax expert or financial advisor regarding your personal circumstances.

Terms & Conditions

All services are governed by the terms of the Lynx Participation Agreement. Record Collection will begin upon receipt of initial payment. Lynx will communicate with Participant before paying any Source Fees on Participant’s behalf that it considers unreasonable. Otherwise, after initial payment, Lynx will invoice Participant for reasonable fees and costs it has paid on Participant’s behalf, along with charges for any additional services Participant has requested. All invoices are due and payable when rendered. Lynx may, upon written or oral notice and in addition to all other remedies, elect to suspend services until the account is paid in full. If you are dissatisfied about any aspect of your experience, we will try to arrive at a resolution that you consider fair. However, fees and costs for Record Collection are non-refundable.

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